Shopping tips

Shopping tips

Do you ever buy an item and throw it away after wearing it once? we all do. Try to avoid it next time by following these tips:

  1. Rule n=˚1: Always buy something you’re sure of and make sure to try it on. Think before getting any item because it never looks the same neither on trials, models nor on people.
  2. Go with your mom, relative or a trusted friend who’s ready to tell you that something looks shitty on you. Also, shop alone sometimes to satisfy yourself. At the end, you’re doing all that to your own glam. -Remember that sales person only wants to sell you.
  3. Never speed shop. Browse stores, outfits and stuff before deciding what to buy.
  4. If you’re more likely to diversify simple looks, feel free to buy the same I-shirt and tank-top with different colors.
  5. Get your denims tighter because eventually they’ll get comfier. Also, do not shorten it unless you wash it twice before.
  6. Don’t forget to shop accessories, scarfs, gadgets, sunglasses. You might not need it today but believe me, it will make your outfit one day.
  7. Shop with a list of your needs and set a budget to benefit more with less time
  8. Try to get worthy things. Don’t just get a shirt that matches only one look available in your closet.
  9. Time moves fast. Don’t wait until you’re stuck to go shopping. Be prepared so always get what you “love “and “need”.
  10. Do not ever buy an item because it’s cheap or on sale.

Man, after this article I really feel the urge to shop. Who else?
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