Lady Diana

Lady Diana

Diana spencer is the name. A true lady, an inspiration, a fashion icon and a golden heart.

Lady D used to say: I’d like to be a queen in people’s heart. Well she is, Lady D is the queen of all our hearts.

Diana grew up with her mom after her parents’ divorce. She failed many times before following her arty passion to Switzerland where she mastered piano and ballet at the age of 16. Coming back to London, she got titled “lady Diana” after her father. Diana moved to live with her dad and brother as she worked as kindergarten teacher because she loved kids so much

At a family reunion for royal and noble families Diana and prince Charles fell in love at the first sight and got married immediately after he gave up on lady Sarah.

Her wedding is still known as the wedding of the century with ½ Million people watching in the streets. Her almost 115 000$ back then dress with a 7.62m train made with ivory silk tulle. The iconic dress with its 10 000 mate of pearl sequins made her steal the looks as usual

Princess of wales gave birth to her first child William and broke the royal family’s rules for the first time to let him sleep with her in the same room. She took him to charities with her at his very early years. After her separation with prince Charles Diana gave birth to prince harry and fought a lot to prove him being a royal family member.

Diana claimed prince Charles was unfaithful to her with Camilla Parker Bowles. The same night, she wore the famous “The revenge dress”. She opted for it at the last minute, claiming it being “too daring”.
Favorite dress of all time.

Lady Diana got a divorce and gave her full time to the little princes where she broke the law once again for not letting a ninny take care of them.

Afterwards, Diana lead successful life giving love to people where she was known for her endless charity work. Helping elderly, children, drug addicts, homeless people, youth and every cause, every person around in need.

As my fav quote of her says: I don’t go by the rule, I lead from the heart not the head.

Later on, after a holiday at the French and Italian Riviera with the Egyptian billionaire Dodi El Fayed, on their way back to London, a car accident took place at Pont de l’Alma tunnel a Paris in august 1997. Close friends claimed that the couple got engaged before the car crash.

Lady Diana died at the hospital not the moment of crash, leaving millions of people in the world loving and praying for her beautiful soul.



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