Date places in Lebanon

Date places in Lebanon

Date places are so sincere and intimate. Places are the essence of feelings and memories. I’m listing here some of the top date places in Lebanon and why I picked those.

1- Baalbeck.

If you can endure the walk in the heat, you can endure anything. It’s important to have dates that are more than silly laughing on street, to go away and discover gems around.

2- Colonel Beer, Batroun.

On sunsets, what can be better than beer with your loved one?

3- Metropole Brasserie, Beirut.

Ok, this one is purely personal because their bread pudding is the best in town and I would only share this with the one I love.


Don’t forget that it’s not always about the places but about the person you’re sharing the moment with.

Feel free to share with me your favorite date places around in the comments below and all the social media platforms.



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