5 easy ways to look taller

5 easy ways to look taller

Being short is cute but looking tall sometimes is needed, so here are easy tips to help.

  1. Go for shorter hair, simply.
  2. Stay away from big and huge bags. Instead go for small cross body handbags and clutches.
  3. Wear a shoe with the closest nude color to your skin. Don’t go for round toe shoes and of course, heels.
  4. Always favor: short jackets and cardigans, turtle and V neck tops, high waist shorts and pants, monochromatic looks and form fitted dresses.
  5. Not to follow: tunic tops, over-sized and tall shirts & dresses, wide leg trousers, horizontal stripes and wide belts.

BONUS: * Match your socks with the pants.
               * Wear hats and scarves.


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